21 August 2020

International events in Azerbaijan

International events in Azerbaijan

International events to gather participants and tourists to Azerbaijan from the whole world

Grand Prix Formula 1

In last years, Baku and many regions of Azerbaijan have become the venue for the World and European championships and various international sports competitions. One of the most important segments of event tourism are tours to the Grand Prix Formula 1 competitions, which are held annually in Baku since 2016 in mid-June. Grand Prix Formula 1 combines all  that is associated with the “royal race”: speed, amazing sound, entertainment, emotions. The atmosphere of Formula 1 in Baku can be felt under the full program, regardless of the price of the ticket, and even without a ticket at all. First of all, because the route of the race is laid along the main streets of the city centre, and there are places where, even from afar, you have a chance to see   see racing cars on the road. Well, those who book rooms in hotels located in the center of Baku along the city race track will be able to enjoy the competitions directly from their balcony.

Novruz holiday in Azerbaijan

Novruz in Azerbaijan is called “Novruz bayramy”. Novruz is a traditional holiday in the Middle East which arose since the times of Zoroastrianism- fire-worshipping religion, which according to a solar calendar, noted the coming of spring and the New Year on March 21-22. Novruz in modern Azerbaijan is considered to be an official national holiday, on which the government allocates five days off. Usually preparation for Novruz starts a month before.

Novruz is a family holiday. In the evening, before the coming of calendar Novruz, each family gathers around the holiday table filled with various dishes of ethnic cuisine to make the coming of the New Year rich and abundant.

“Caspian Oil & Gas” in the focus of the world oil elite

International exhibitions and conferences are the largest event in the oil – gas industry of the Caspian region. More than three hundred companies from no less than 35 countries, annually, come to Baku in June to participate in this Exhibition and demonstrate their new technical achievements.

AITF- the chief event of tourism industry in Azerbaijan

The international exhibition of AITF tourism held annually in Baku in April is an important event in tourist business. Now AITF has reached the world level and became the leading international tourist exhibition of the Caucasian region.

International Mstislav Rostropovich Festival

“I am a Baku citizen. I was born here. My friends live here. Baku is my native land, Baku is my house…” M. Rostropovich

The Azerbaijani audience remembers Mstislav Rostropovich’s visit to Baku after his return from emigration in 1997 and, since 1997, Rostropovich turned annual visits to his native city into a good tradition.

The first International Mstislav Rostropovich festival was organized in Baku still at the lifetime of the great musician in 2006, and was dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of the great composer Dmitry Shostakovich’s birthday. Since 2007, the festival is annually held in Baku and unites friends, scene partners and Mstislav Rostropovich’s students – best musicians and creative youth from various countries of the world.

Gabala musical festival

Since 2009, the Annual International festival of classical music is held every summer in one of the most beautiful mountainous corners of Azerbaijan – Gabala. At this festival, musicians perform in an open air. A lot of well-known musicians from Europe, the USA, Israel, Russia and the former Soviet republics have already participated at the traditional Gabala festival.

“The World of Mugam” international festival

In the last decades the attention of the world has been drawn to the originality of the traditional music of the East peoples, in particular, Azerbaijani Mugam creativity that was inscribed in the UNESCO List of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. This testifies to a great importance of the Azerbaijani musical tradition and its high intercultural potential. The international mugam symposium, which draws outstanding scientists and experts from the East and West as well as recognized singers and instrumental performers, “masters of mugam” from Iran, Turkey, India, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Morocco, France and many other countries is held in Baku each year. Musical experts of Great Britain, for instance, call mugam “eastern jazz” as it is as well as the American jazz, is full of improvisation.

Baku International jazz festival

Baku International Jazz Festival is an annual event. The purpose of the festival is the demonstration of the American art, which is quite popular in Azerbaijan – jazz music that for the first time sounded in Azerbaijan in the 1950-es and 60-es, when jazz was almost forbidden in the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, due to the works of a great many Azerbaijani musicians, already at that time a new jazz direction -“ethnic jazz” or as it is called in Azerbaijan, “jazz mugam” appeared. Jazz mugam is a hot combination of the Azerbaijani folk music and traditional rhythms of the American jazz.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the organizers of the event and all of You for the participation at this meeting and the attention allocated to me. I greatly hope to see your tourists in the sunny Azerbaijan in the nearest future.


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