Naftalan Hotel by Qashaltı

Welcome to Qashalti sanatorium is the High-Quality and Comfortable Health Resort Center opened in Naftalan located among magnificent nature and offering treatment by incomparable Naftalan oil.

During staying here we and our personnel will render all reasonable services of treatment and comfort. We will apply all our best efforts in order you to have good memories when leaving Naftalan and you would give your preference to the Qashalti Sanatorium in the future. 

To take care about your health is our higher duty. We thank you for choosing Qahsalti Sanatorium and wish you happy and healthy days. 

Qashalti Sanatorium is located in Naftalan city of Azerbaijan Republic. Naftalan is situated in the foothills of the Small Caucasus. The Main Caucasus Spacing enclosing horizon at a distance of 70-80 km is starched. 30-35km far from the west it is surrounded by the Small Caucasus Lowland. There have been constructed a lot of green parks consisting mainly of pine trees, and fulfilled improvement works. As a result of prevention of the arctic (from the north) and other cold air masses of Main Caucasus Lowland from the north side and Small Caucasus Mountains from the south and south-west side a moderate air condition has been formed here.  

According to the seasons medium air temperature of  Naftalan is the following:
Winter – 3.9 C
Spring – 13.3 C
Summer – 26.2 C
Autumn – 16.5 C

In the warmest years air temperature in winter season is between 17-18 C, and in summer it achieves 38-39 C. It is interesting enough that even in the coldest years air temperature in March – November months doesn’t fall below 0 C. 
Diurnal variation of air temperature is 4-6 C in winter and 6-7 C in spring-summer-autumn seasons. 
Average month humidity is as follows:
In winter – 17%
In spring – 62%
In summer – 51%
In spring – 67%
Low relative humidity along with high air temperature in summer months prevents overheating of the skin and exerting positive influence providing intensification of moisture evaporation processes out of the skin. 
In Naftalan the wind direction is basically of monsoon character. Growing of average speed of winds up increases cooling in warm seasons of year and as a result of it becomes more comfortable than climate in other health resort areas. Clear number of days throughout year is high. In winter months it is 4-5, in spring months – 4-6, in summer months 6-12, in autumn months 4-8 days.

As a result the following may be noted:
1.    Climate of the Naftalan town is notable for high thermal, poor moistening, air dryness, high aeration and insolation features. 
2.    Climate of the Naftalan town gives high results in treatment of a number diseases:
 a. Diseases of osteoarticular system
 b. Dermatoses (skin diseases)
 c. Peripheral vascular diseases
 d. Nervous system diseases
 e. Postoperative rehabilitation 
 f. Digestive apparatus (Gastrointestinal tract) diseases
 g. Gynaecological disorders
 h. Urological diseases
 i. Dental diseases 
 j. Proctological diseases
3. In spite of thermal condition during April-September months the heating of the human organism is not observed. As a result of optimal combination of air temperature, humidity and air motion it is occurred evaporation from the skin surface and good-enough cooling of our body. 
4. The climate condition in the Health Resort area is satisfactory to render medical services in all seasons of year and gives high therapeutic results. 

Receive procedures
Reception room of the sanatorium is open for twenty-four-hour. Visitor applied should take with himself/herself and deliver instrument identifying his/her identity, directional (entrance) sheet (if any) to the sanatorium issued by any entity and/or insurance company, senator-health-resort card (if any). For children certificate of birth, certificate of epidemic milieu are should be taken with. 

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