Tour to Apsheron Peninsula 3-4 hours (25-40 km. from Baku)


The tour includes: visiting Fire mountain Yanardaq, fire worshippers temple Ateshgah and Ethnographical reserve Gala

  • Fire mountain Yanardag. The burning hillside of Yanardag is one of Azerbaijan’s most bizarre sites. From beneath the earth flammable gases seep through the porous sandstone, erupting into flames that can reach 10 metres in height – the flames are never extinguished, been lit accidentally in 1958. Most of the world’s ‘flaming mountains’ are situated in Azerbaijan and Marco Polo recorded similar sights nearby he passed through the region.
  • The temple of fire worshippers Ateshgah is located at the Apsheron peninsula at the outskirts of Surakhani village in30 km from the centre of Baku and was revered in different times by Zoroastrians, Hindus and Sikhs. 
  • Ethnographical reserve Gala is located approximately in 40 minutes’ driving fromBakuin Gala village. Historic habitat referred to III thousand B.C. is preserved here. In this museum under the open sky were discovered more than 200 different artifacts – mysterious burial mounds, hearths of ancient settlements, thousands-years old burials.