Tracking tours

We present various routes for hiking and travels lasting from 1 up to 10 days, in woody, foothill and mountain regions of Greater and Small Caucasus, as well as in the Talysh Mountains, the extreme southeast of the republic. We also develop routes for mountaineering, rock climbing in the area of Shahdag National Park of the Azerbaijan Republic: Bazarduzu — the highest mountain top (4 466 m); Shahdag (4 243 m); Tufandag (4 191 m); Bazaryurd (4 126 m); Gyzyl Gaya (3 751 m) and so on.                  

Tours and specialized programs with active forms of mobility

Azerbaijan Guide Travel offers You a bicycle safari along the route of “the Great Silk Way”, and also sports and adventurous tours, fishing and hunting on the water fowl along the Kur River in the region of Mingechavir reservoir and so on. 

Programs of outgoing “team building” with game elements

“Primitive hunters and artists on rocks” (game quest in “Gobustan” preserve), “Caspian “seals”” (diving), “Medieval signalers on the Tower” (tracking quest in woody mountains at Chirag Gala” tower system, the VIth c.) “Survival” Courses” (training of technical elements of survival and command competitions on the tourist obstacle route, “Courses of topography and orientation” – here is only a short list of programs of this section.