Naftalan is the city, located 300 km away from Baku in west Azebaijan.City area is of 3572 hectares with population of 10000 people.CHINAR hotel & spa is located here in Naftalan city.

CHINAR is a modern comfortable hotel,dedicated to provide ultimate customer service to its guests.CHINAR is a medical prevention centre equipped with high technology provides wide range of treatments against various medical conditions with help of Naftalan oil.

The hotel occupies vast territory and surrounded by pine and plane trees from  all sides.

The hotel is of 170 rooms:

  • 1 King suite
  • 6 Delux rooms
  • 4 Suites
  • 100 Superior rooms
  • 59 Standart roms

Every room in Hotel is equppied with high end technology – auto heating and cooling systems, cable television, telephone lines, wireless internet, safe and minibar.

The Hotel includes the followings :

  • Luxurious Restaurant Saphir for 300 people with “Swiss table” that serves breakfast, dinner and supper
  • VIP salon “Pearl” for 12 people where guests can celebrate their special days
  • Warm and comfortable Winter Garden where you will get free of all your stress and tireness while drinking the drinks and feel the freshness of spring in cold winter days
  • Fitness Center with 200 m2 area that is equipped with the latests technologies, electronic and handuse sport instruments
  • The SPA Center with 400 m2 including rehabilitation, phisioterapy, hidroterapy and massage section where high level specialists of their fields will serve for the health of our guests
  • Vitamin Bar where our guest can continue their rests drinking fresh juice while using the services of SPA and Fitness Center
  • Half Olimpic closed Swimming Pool of which inside there is Turkish bath and Sauna
  • The past consisting of Souvenir Shop, Mini Market, The Worl of Child, The Salon of Table Games, Ata Tourism, Ata Bank, Men Barbershop and Woman Barber shop where our guests will shop use other services and the children will comfortably entertation.
  • Firuze Bar having various menu and increasing the beauty of the hotel lobby with the special design
  • Paradise Disco where you will enjoy yourselves heartly
  • Assembly halls Sedef and Beril equipped with different modern equipments for your assamblies
  • Open Sport Hall in the garden consisting of pine-trees ang playgrounds for entertainment of children
  • Open Autopark for parking 200 cars at the same time


Restaurant SAPFIR offers buffet as well as A-la carte,

Diet menu is also available.People used to traditional

Service can use regular tables.

VITAMIN BAR bar is located on the territory of the fitness centre. Guests can enjoy fresh juices rich of vitamins after having Naftalan bath, physical therapy or after visiting Fitness Centre and SPA.

Paradise Disco Bar – Also serves at night.

Naftalan earth oil is a unique source of healing which has no analogues in the world.It is brown-black substance with a dense texture and specifie smeil.The main active components of naftalan are carbohydrates naften (thanks to the fact they consist of eyelopentane-perhydrophenantren which is the part of dozens of hormonal enzymes and many other physiologically active substances.) It possesses analgesie, anti-inflammatory,vasodilator and anti-allergie effect,activates the intensity of metabolie processes,tsimulates the spermatogenesis,and accelerates processes of ovulation and ovogenesis.With all these actions the oil is used to tread over 70 illnesses.

Naftalantherapy has been considered as one of the best methods of treatmend and is essential in many areas in medisine.These are following areas:

  • ENT


  • Cardiology and Stress Test
  • Gynecology
  • Urology
  • Neuropatology
  • Dentistry
  • Radiology
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Dermatology
  • Laboratory
  • Emetgency
  • Sterilization
  • Diet


Methods of treatment:

  • Naftalantherapy
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation: Medhanptherapy



  • SPA
  • Fitness


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