21 August 2020

Useful infromation

Useful infromation


Azerbaijani is a state language, besides, the majority of the population can speak Russian, many of them understand and speak Turkish, Persian, Georgian and other languages. English is spread at the hotels, bars and offices.

National currency

National currency is manat (AZN). Banks and their numerous branches provide the exchange of any currency. Working hours -10 a.m. -17-18 p.m.


The country is situated on the verge of moderate and subtropical zones; therefore climatic conditions are various here. The average temperature in January is +3 up to -10 degrees and reaches +26-35 degrees in July- August. A number of solar hours is 2 900 a year. Precipitations are few.


Azerbaijan is the most stable and safe country of the region. There is almost no delinquency, the streets are accurate and clean.  

Azerbaijanis are very law-abiding and a cheerful nation; they respect other people’s traditions and customs. Perhaps, for this reason, tourists feel themselves comfortable in our country as if they are at home and usually come back here again.

Telephone communication

System of telephone communication in Azerbaijan is based on modern equipment. There is a great number of telephone boxes in Baku, most of them work with telephone cards of several types, as well as receive coins (which are sold in post offices, offices of telephone companies and other social places). All devices provide inter-city communication and also have a direct contact with inter-city and international lines.

If the phone call comes from a foreign mobile number, first, it is necessary to indicate the code of the republic and city (if there is a stationary number) or the Azerbaijani mobile operator (if there is a mobile phone call). For instance, tourists, being in Baku, may, from their mobile phone, dial +994 (the code of Azerbaijan) plus 12 (the code of Baku city) or (the code of the mobile operator, for instance: 50, 51. 55. 70, 71 or others), and then dial a number of the telephone subscriber.

Export of the works of art, carpets and caviar

If you bought the works of art, carpets or caviar, you should know the following:
when buying carpets or carpet goods, you should get the product certificate in the State Museum of Azerbaijan Carpet and Applied Art. For this, you should demonstrate the purchased carpet and get the document permitting its export. Otherwise, when leaving the country the export of these goods may be prohibited.
Museum working hours: Tuesday- Sunday since 09:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. Certificates are given only on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 13:00 p.m. The cost of a certificate for one carpet is 26 manat (term – 7 days). Urgent certificate (which is given on the day of appliance) is 46 manat for one carpet. Address: Neftchilar Avenue, 123 A. Baku city. Telephone: (+99412) 493-44-17 (city).
When buying pictures and works of art you must get a certificate at the National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan. For this it is necessary to demonstrate the work itself or its photos. At the absence of the certificate permitting the export of your purchase it may be prohibited in customs clearing.
Museum working hours: Tuesday- Sunday 09:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. Certificates are given only on Wednesdays- 15:00 p.m. to 17:00 p.m. The cost of the certificate for one object of art is 15 manat (term – 4-6 days). The cost of urgent certificate (term – 1 day) is 30 manat. Address: Niyazi str, 9/11. Baku city. Telephone: (+99412) 492-57-89 (city).

We should note that when buying many carpet and other works of art, salesmen are willing to help with getting certificates for the goods, purchased at their shops.
125 gr. of caviar per person is allowed to be exported from Azerbaijan.

What is better to bring from Azerbaijan?  

It is possible to export freely everything from Azerbaijan, except ancient antiquarian carpet goods, things of art for which it is necessary to get a special permission in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan. When transporting other souvenirs, it is necessary to keep the cash voucher with the indication of a sale place (shop) and price. In some cases a shop issues a certificate of the state sample, which guarantees possibility of a free export of the works of art beyond the country.

Things most frequently purchased by tourists are:


  • Pear-like glasses «armudu» – a tea set
  • Backgammon with national decoration
  • Scarves “kelagai” (made of natural silk)
  • Small handmade carpets
  • Charykx – Azerbaijani national shoes
  • Beads from semiprecious gems
  • Socks-jorab, hand-knitted from thick carpet wool yarn
  • Things of decoration with Baku views



  • Gogal
  • Shakerbura
  • Pakhlava
  • Jam made of sweet cheery, cornel, quince, feijoa, fig and other local fruits and berries

National goods

  • Azerbaijani tea
  • Pomegranate sauce
  • Caviar
  • Balyk (smoked starred sturgeon)
  • Spices and dried fruits

Phone numbers of services of the emergency help:

101- MES (when there is fire, or accidents and other incidents).

102-Police (in case of civil offences and legal support)

103-Medical care emergency

Order of taxi in Baku city (24 hours) on short numbers:

*9000 –Baku Taxi Company «London Taxi» GeelyTX4 (5-local cabs)

159-Taxi MС (sedan)


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