1 March 2016



Chinar is a modern comfortable hotel that provides service at the highest possible level. CHINAR is a treatment and prophylactic center equipped with the highest technology and providing a wide range of treatment for various diseases using naphthalan oil. Located on the territory of 20 hectares and surrounded by beautiful plane trees and pines, CHINAR hotel has 170 rooms with a total capacity of 353 beds, Standard, Superior, Suite, Deluxe and King Suite.

Chinar Hotel & SPA offers a wide selection of restaurants and bars serving local and international dishes, soft drinks and professional service. Live music and entertainment in the evenings will not let you get bored.


The modern Polyclinic is equipped with the latest medical equipment and provides a full range of medical services.

Naftalan Therapy is primarily a treatment in the healing Naftalan baths. Physiotherapy (electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, iontophoresis, combi, radar therapy, paraffin)


1. Joint disease of soft tissues of the supporting-motor
A) Chronic polyarthritis (Sokolsky-Buyo disease in the inactive
phase with minimal activity)
B) Infectious nonspecific polyarthritis (inactive phase with
minimal activity)
C) Infectional arthritis: poly-brucellous, dysenteric, virous)
D) Secondary arthropathy deformans (resulting from injury)
E) Intervertebral osteochondrosis
F) Spondylosis deformans, spondylarthrosis
G) Arthritis, arthrosis associated with other diseases: podagric
polyarthritis, benign professional polyarthritis, hand-arm
vibration syndrome
H) Extraarticular disease of soft tissues and musculoskeletal
system: bursitis, tendovaginitis; periarthritis, myositis, myalgia,
I) A0, A1, A2 polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis, Bekhterev’s
2. Nervous diseases:
A) Trifacial neuralgia, nuchal neuralgia, sciatic neuralgia,
intercostal neuralgia
B) Neuritis of the facial, radial, ulnar, femoral, tibial, and
peroneal nerves
C) Lumbosacral radiculitis
D) Brachial plexitis and cervical brachial radiculitis
3. Surgical diseases:
A) Endoarthritis, 1 and 2 phases (obliterating
atherosclerosis of the vessels of the extremities)
B) Raynaud’s disease
C) Phlebitis (non-acute)
D) Thrombophlebitis (non-acute)
E) Chronic epididymitis
E) Chronic osteitis (non-acute)
G) Post-burn keloid scars
H) Trophic ulcers of the extremities
4. Gynecological diseases:
A) Adnexitis, salpingo-oophoritis
B) Pelvic cellulitis
C) Endometritis
D) Cervicitis, chronic recurrent colpitis
E) Amenorrhea, uterine underdevelopment
E) Ovarian dysfunction
G) Natural and secondary sterility
H) Climacteric syndrome
I) Pelvic peritoneal adhesions
5. Skin diseases:
A) Psoriasis in stable stage
B) Non-acute neurodermatosis
C) Chronic recurrent eczema (dry)
D) Lichen ruber planus
E) Scleroderma
F) Seborrhea
6. Urological diseases:
A) Prostatitis, urethritis
B) Male infertility
7. Children’s Diseases:
A) Rheumatoid arthritis in children, quiescent period,
Still’s disease
B) Juvenile chorea
C) ICP consequences
D) Allergic skin diseases
8. Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders:
A) Tonsillitis
B) Pharyngitis
C) Laryngitis
D) Rhinitis
E) Sinusitis
F) Genyantritis
G) Frontal sinusitis

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